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Hello, my school

Low-income families usually focus most of their priorities on meeting their basic needs of food, drink, clothing, and medicine; This makes her compelled to put aside other necessities in her life. That makes educational needs secondary, especially for low-income families with little or no income. And makes the students' families not keen on their children's enrollment in schools to learn, and it may often force them to leave their children to study and join the labor market to help them in their complicated living affairs.
Therefore, and in our belief that science is the basis for changing societies and the reality of children around the world, and that the following change begins from the age of the school, the association launched the "hallo My School" project, which supports children in need and provides them with the basic requirements to continue their academic path successfully.

Through this project, we seek:
• Distribution of school clothes and stationery bags to poor students.
• Supporting and assisting families without a breadwinner by providing their children with the basic needs of entering school.
• Contribute to alleviating the burdens of education for poor and needy families.
• Helping the child feel that a merciful hand supports him and supports him psychologically and mentally.
• Supporting outstanding students, especially the poor, to start their academic year with vigor and activity.


Hello, my school

Distributing school clothes and school bags containing basic stationery to students at the beginning and during the school year to help them continue their studies.