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bağış güvenlik
We read to rise

It was said, "The best companion in time is a book."
With the rapid technological development, the book became deserted. The level of reading decreased, to embrace the creators and their talents, creating an excellent cultural environment, motivating children and students to realize the importance of reading and strengthening this habit for them, and deepening the relationship between writers and children, as it was necessary to hold a book fair because of the role of exhibitions Great in allowing students to access the book quickly and easily.

Through this project, we seek:
• Draw parents' attention to their children's reading abilities.
• Inculcating reading skills in children since childhood, which the child exercises over time as a daily activity that increases concentration strength and activates the memory.
• Introducing children to the book's many benefits and its impact on their lives and future.


We read to rise

Distribution of new books selected by the association and presented by publishing houses to needy children through an exhibition.